Community Calendar

Upcoming Walk Reminders

What a great opportunity we have before us. This time next week the Women’s Walk 18-138 will be in full swing. There are many things we can do, but there are a few things that we as a community and sponsors must do.  To follow are a few of those items and these are either listed on the sponsor form, or it may be a concern or suggestion that comes from the NET Board of Directions.

  1. Sponsors, please do not have your Pilgrim arrive at registration before 6:15 PM. The registration team will not be ready until that time, as they are also members of the team and will be involved in team preparation until that time.
  2. Sponsors, please remember what is written on your sponsor application: 10-12 letters to be given to your pilgrim on Sunday afternoon. Any more than that can be given on the way home, or they might even be a great 4th gift on Monday when they get home.  You are responsible for getting these cards/letters/notes of encouragement from their family and friends.
  3. For the Community: no photos or videos as long as the Pilgrims are present. We must respect each Pilgrim’s privacy.
  4. When attending send-off on Thursday, please bring enough for those in your group. Sometimes we run low on food, and enough for your group should ensure plenty for everyone in attendance.
A Reminder: there will be a book table on Saturday of the walk. The gift shop at the dining hall will also be open during certain times. The Pilgrims will be allowed to shop at both areas, but neither accept credit cards, CASH or CHECKS only.