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NET Emmaus Cookbook

Here is the link to the form:  Recipe Form

Do you love to Cook? Do you have favorite dishes you always bring to Emmaus activities? Do you have friends and family always asking for your recipes? WOW!!
We have a project for you. NETEmmaus is going to compile those favorite recipes in to a new and exciting cookbook.

We need your help!!!!!. You can choose to help in several ways. First we need a few more typists. This involves typing the recipes of a certain category and having them edited before submitting to the project. We also need people from each church or area of the community to contact the Emmaus community members asking for recipes, collecting them, and at the end of each month, mailing them to Carolyn McCain.
Carolyn will collect the recipes each month and then send them to the appropriate typist. If you are interested in helping in either of these ways, please contact Carolyn McCain at for further instructions.

The most important job is submitting up to five of your favorite recipes to the collector in your area or sending them to Carolyn. Each community member can submit up to 5 recipes which means if both husband and wife have attending Emmaus, they can have 10 recipes in the cookbook. This includes members from other communities and functions as well as Chrysalis members. Recipes need to be typed or carefully handwritten in the format of the attached form. These forms can be reproduced as needed. Recipes do not have to be on a form but submitted in the format of the form. The deadline for recipes is June 1 and the cookbooks will be ready for both fall walks and Christmas.

Another way we can all be involved is to plan to purchase a cookbook for yourself as well as friends and family who might or might not be Emmaus people. As you submit your recipes, please estimate the number of cookbooks you might want. This will help us to be able to order an adequate supply the first time.

We are praying for a wonderful response to the project. For it to be successfully rewarding for the community, it is going to take everyone’s help. Even if you have not been active in the community recently, this is your opportunity to be involved in a fun and exciting way. Our goal is 500 recipes by June 1. Although this will ultimately bring income to the community, our first priority is to get the community involved in a fun and exciting project.